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Services for Investment Managers

JP Integra provides services to investment managers with AUMs in the billions of dollars as well as managers who are developing strategies or managing internal assets in the tens of millions of dollars. We utilise a wide variety of legal structures including Segregated Portfolio Companies, Limited Partnerships, Limited Companies and Unit Trusts and we are able to devise, establish and administer funds to fit all scales and strategies.

The majority of funds that we assist with are domiciled in the Cayman Islands, but we are able to assist clients with funds domiciled in other jurisdictions and we have experience and expertise in assisting with funds domiciled in many jurisdictions, including the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, Delaware, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Ireland, Jersey, Luxembourg and Malta. Typical fund structures that we assist managers with forming and administering include the following:

  • Licensed funds
  • Registered funds
  • Administered Funds
  • Exempted funds
  • Master and Master-Feeder funds
  • Hybrid and Closed ended funds.

In addition to the award-winning administration services, JP Integra is able to provide full-service and discrete solutions to managers. Examples of the work that we conduct for clients includes the following:

  • Drafting offering and constitutional documents and engaging appropriate legal counsel to serve as counsel to the fund (this is usually the most cost and time-efficient manner to organise and register a fund)
  • Introducing managers to legal counsel, auditors and independent directors for their funds (this results in streamlined work flows and favourable engagements as we have an established relationship with many of the key providers that results in lower costs for managers)
  • Establishing an investment management company in the Cayman Islands, registering it under an applicable exemption in the Securities Investment Business Law, obtaining legal advice on the substance of operations required to be performed in Cayman, appointing credible third party directors, entering into investment advisory agreements, providing office space and employee services
  • Listing funds on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange and assisting funds listing on other exchanges
  • Introducing funds to brokers and negotiating favourable rates (at no cost to the client) with existing or new brokers
  • Introducing managers to investors and vice-versa through our extensive network