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We work closely with JP Fund Services S.A., which is owned by two of the former principals of the JP Integra Group who have over fifty years combined experience in international financial and capital markets. The common operating history and clients of JP Fund Services with JP Integra Group enable us to provide substantial savings to clients with foreign exchange, broking and hedging requirements.

JP Fund Services reduces client costs, reduces risk, improves operational delivery and enhances investment returns by evaluating the trading or investment strategy and suggesting solutions appropriate to the client’s needs.

For Forex and Hedging strategies JP Fund Services typically charges on the basis of savings delivered so there is no cost to clients; instead JP Fund Services receives a small percentage of the saved transaction costs directly from the relevant broker.

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Details of our FBH services, with an outline of how the process works and examples of how we assist Private Funds, Family Offices, Private Equity Funds and Businesses in making substantial savings and reducing risks is set out in the attached downloadable pdfs.

FBH Services


Strong Trading and Brokerage Background Leads to Excellence

I have been working with JP Integra Group for over 6 years and have regularly passed clients asking for help in Fund set up to them. Thanks to their strong trading and brokerage background, they are especially attuned to the needs of fund managers who trade actively. Over the years I have seen various Fund services companies starting up and yet struggling to meet the increasing demands from regulators and their clients nowadays. One can perhaps say the fund business has increasingly become a tougher place to operate, but this is perhaps why I think JP Integra Group will become ever more successful given their dedicated teams on the grounds

DS Regionals Sales Director